Service Center Terms and Conditions

The decision to establish or appoint service/s in a certain location is the prerogative of the company. All applicants will undergo an interview and the proposed service center will be subject to site inspection before approval. Once an applicant, after complying with all the requirements of the service center, he/she shall abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Should maintain a minimum product purchase of P 100,000/month. Performance that is below the required maintenance level in 3 consecutive months or a maximum of 6 out of 12 months may be a basis for possible rehabilitation or discontinuance of the SERVICE CENTER agreement, but which is still subject to evaluation by the management.

2. The Service Center must meet the following minimum requirements on sales and network development within the first 3 months of candidacy for operations

  • P100,000 minimum monthly product purchase.
  • 100 new distributors per month.
  • 3. The Service Center should open 6 days a week at 8 hours per day and must have a regular schedule for Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM) and distributor orientation program of not less than 3 sessions per week.

    4. The Service Center shall sell or offer to sell, display, or promote only and exclusively products sold by the company.

    5. The Service Center is prohibited to put-up or establish a satellite, extension, sub-center or an affiliate service center.

    6. The Service Center is prohibited to bring products or to service the product requirements of distributors outside his/her approved location.

    7. All expenses related to business registration, taxes and other permits that may be required by national or local laws shall be at the expense of the Service Center. The Service Center also assumes absolute & exclusive responsibility for the payment of salaries & wages of its representative and employees in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code and other applicable laws, rules & regulations promulgated by competent authorities.

    8. The Service Center is prohibited to hold or engage in any promotional activity without the approval of the company, at least 30 days prior to its approval.

    9. The Service Center's purchases of products and kit requirements to the company should either be of the following:

  • Cash
  • Manager's Check
  • Cashier's Check
  • Through the company's depository bank but is subject to bank verification and confirmation.
  • 10. The Service Center is required to submit to Head Office c/o Operations Department complete and accurate weekly summary reports (together with the necessary documents) as follows:

  • Service Center weekly sales summary report
  • Service Center registration summary report
  • Reporting cycle will be on a weekly basis based on the following schedule:

    1st Week 1-7 8th 9th 12th
    2nd Week 8-14 15th 16th 19th
    3rd Week 15-21 22nd 23rd 26th
    4rd Week 22-OEM 1st 2nd 5th

    11. The Service Center should ensure that all registration forms of distributors are accurately and completely filled-up before sending it to Head Office.

    12. The Service Center should double check items delivered to them thru the forwarder and in case there is discrepancy, both the forwarders and the center representative should sign on the delivery receipt noting the number/s of lacking items.

    13. The Service Center director is obliged to attend all training sessions or seminars that the company may organize from time to time and all expenses shall be borne by the service center.

    14. Service Center is governed and must abide by and strictly implement the company rules and regulations:

  • DXN Code of Conduct
  • DXN Basic Policies and Procedures per Distributor Manual
  • DXN General Policies per Distributor Manual
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