Detox! De-junk Your Body II

The preliminary part of tis article, as featured in the previous issue, discussed how neoplasm or new cells duplicate themselves rather uncontrollably, invading tissues and spreading into vital organs. These cancer cells destroy the organ they attach themselves t while having tumor cells growing alongside.

Faulty lifestyle, particularlyy food intake, emerged as the primary culprit to awakening cancer cells in the body according to studies. The same scientific reports uncovered the organs of the body that serve as routes of toxin-cleasing, hence the term "channels of detoxification."

After unveiling the roles of liver, kidneys, and intestines as primary detoxification tracks, this sequel will provide information on the essential part of supporting organs for cancer cleansing.

Supplies oxygen while removing carbon dioxide in the body; helps expel some toxic wastes through breathing.

Proper breathing (Deep breaths using the diaphragm to fill u the upper belly and up the upper belly and upper chest, held for two counts, and then expelled).

Repressed grief (Chinese people believe that nearly everyonw with lung problems has unresolved sadness or grief.

Stores and concentrates bile, which then becomes a carrier substance for thrusting out toxins from the body. bile also emulsifies fat; and lubricates the intestines and gives stools brown color.

Fiber for helping in absorption and discharge of toxin.
Olive oil and apple juice or lemon juice.
Pears, parsnips, radishes, seaweed.
Turmeric (spice) for sppedier removal of gallstones.
Chamomile tea; and organic, cold-pressed flax oil.

Lecithin is effective in dissolving or reducing gallstones.
Iron for reducing gallbladder bile cholesterol and hampering of crystal formationi.
Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
Milk thistle.
Lipotropic nutrients such as choline, methionine, betaine, folic acid, and vitamin B12 for decreasing fat deposits in the liver.

The largest of elimination organs, this channel can expel significant amounts of cellular wastes through the sweat glands and mucous secretions. The skin reflects the condition of everything beneath it.

Purified water assists in the elimination process.
Daily brushing of dry skin.
Cleansing baths.

Traps intracellular wastes and unloads it in the bloodstream, which then delivers the waste to the organs of elimination. Lymphatic tissue's immune cells fight off bacteria and destroy useless cells (should be cleansed together with the liver)

Regular exercise of the extremities, muscles, and respiratory system.
Diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing, avopiding holding breath when tensed.
Skin brushing for two minutes a day helps move the lymph through the vessels.
Lymphatic drainage massage - a light-tough massage helping to move the lymph throughout the body.
Whole body massage for preventing the lymphatic system from stagnating.

Carries carbon dioxide to our lungs, and waste products from our cells and lymphatic system to our liver, kidneys, lungs, and sweat glands to be expelled; protects from toxins and foreign invaders through the white blood cells.

Juice fasting not only for the blood, but for the entire body.
Chlorophyll - phytonutrient that purifies the blood (green juices are main source).
Fights bacteris, yeast, fungi growth, which helps in removing drug deposits.

Too much intake of salt damages the blood.
Foods that contain additives and preservatives.
Refined foods.
Toxic household agents.

Indeed, being mindful of regimens that cleanse the body helps us remain practically waste-free inside and out. Toxins are everywhere. They occupy tissues, reside in the organs, swim in the blood, and consequently backstab our immune system. If cars need major tune up sometimes, so do us humans. Being free from something unwelcome, like the threats of cancer, is not only rewarding but as well does invite a healthier, happier everyday living.

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