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Starting school for kids ages 3 onwards is an exciting part in a parent’s life. Growing healthy and alert is very important for kids’ physical development, that’s why parents feed their children nutritious food like fresh vegetables and fruits. However, food itself is not enough to satisfy kids’ daily nutritional requirements. Worst is the fact that poor diet causes malnutrition, child stress and vitamin deficiency.

Malnutrition is caused by improper balance between what an individual eats and what he is required to eat to maintain good health. It may result from eating too little or eating in excess.

Children who are undernourished have unacceptable growth pattern accompanied by scholastic underachievement. An adequate intake of good choice of food is essential to achieve Optimal Intellectual Development. Breakfast intake is particularly important as children may feel fatigued, sleepy and unmotivated when it is skipped.

Product Feature:

DXN Ganocelium (GL) is made of mycelium of an 18-day old Ganoderma Lucidum.

Ganoderma contains more than 200 active elements that can be categorized as water soluble, organic soluble or volatile compounds. The major elements include polysaccharide, adenosine and triterpenoids, each having its own outstanding medicinal value. Supplementation of GL can effectively help in the maintenance of general well- being.

Recommended Intake:

Take one capsule a day. Recommended for all ages.

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