Old Age Can Be Different

Many people look forward to old age as a time of more pleasure and leisure with lesser responsibility toward work. Conversely, a relatively large number of people also have such negative thoughts about getting old. In general, their health and well-being primarily become the basis of this perception. Obviously, the question is: "How could people enjoy when they do not feel fit?"

Attitude toward old age varies depending on one's outlook. In fact, the word "old age" itself, cannot be exactly defined because it does not have the same meaning in various cultures or social order so to speak. In Western countries a century ago, a person was considered old at 55 years old. Today, especially in many developed nations, the life expectancy of a person is over 70. This increase has been brought about by improvement of diet, hygiene and medicine. Unfortunately, in less developed countries, life expectancy remains lower.

Although in principle, the elderly spend much of their time doing the same things as younger people, they do have special needs and often follow different ways of life. Physical and intellectual disabilities trouble the old more than the young. This explains why some people remain physically active but less intellectually creative into advanced age.

The process of aging takes place at different rates. Oftentimes, it is accompanied by a number of medical problems like arthritis, heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. Hearing, eyesight and digestion may also be affected. At a certain extent, memory may suffer that even a routine household task may no longer be performed with ease.

Truly, medical condition plays a big role in enjoying life especially at an advanced age, however, we believe that old age can be positively different with healthy lifestyle and diet, plus appropriate intake of food supplement

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