Production Technique

Our factory, which has been conferred the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate by The National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau from the Ministry of Health, is fully equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art machineries and laboratories to assist in quality control and product development.

The advance techniques that have been adopted in all factories were developed by our own specialist to ensure that our product quality is able to meet the international standards as stipulated by foreign and local government. Our recent award of the internationally recognized ISO 9002 Certification vouches for our success in managing a quality manufacturing system that produces exceptional quality products.

In addition, every ingredient used is of the finest quality and is derived from its natural source, making it safe for the human body. During the production stages, every single step is closely monitored and stringent measures are carried out to ensure that each product's quality is at its best. For instance, the active elements of raw materials are preserved during the production stage so that the products will retain their natural state.

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